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Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones' financial future in the event of your passing. Our life insurance plans provide a lump sum payment to your beneficiaries.

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Health Insurance

Control healthcare costs, access quality care. Our health insurance covers doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, and preventive care.

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Home Insurance

Safeguard your home and belongings against unexpected events. Our home insurance provides coverage for damages caused by fire, theft, natural disasters etc.

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Vehicle Insurance

Ensure financial protection for your vehicle Our vehicle insurance policies cover damages to your car, theft, and injuries sustained in accidents

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Business Insurance

Shield your business from potential risks and liabilities. Our business insurance plans offer coverage for property damage, liability claims, business interruption, and employee injuries.

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Property Insurance

Our property insurance covers damages to commercial buildings, rental properties, and other real estate investments caused by fire, vandalism, natural disasters etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

IRDA stands for the Insurance Regulatory and development Authority. It is the apex regulatory body of insurance in India. All insurance companies have to comply with the rules prescribed by the IRDA for selling their insurance policies.

No, if the insurance policies are bought from reputed websites which are under the regulations of the IRDA, the policies would be genuine and would be issued by the insurance company directly.

No, insurance policies have a list of excluded coverage benefits which are not covered under the plan. These exclusions depend on the type of insurance policy.

The coverage level of your insurance policies should be optimum to cover the financial loss which is insured by the policy. In life and health insurance plans, the coverage level should be chosen based on the lifestyle expenses of the insured, the family size, age, income, etc. In case of car and bike insurance policies, the coverage depends on the value of the car and bike.

General insurance policies pay a claim on the principle of indemnity. Indemnity means that in case of a loss the policyholder would be compensated by the insurance company for the actual financial loss suffered. The policyholder would not be allowed to make a profit from the insurance policy.

An insurance contract is a contract of utmost good faith. As per this principle, the policyholder is required to furnish all the important details about himself which are asked in the proposal form. The insurance company issues the policy on the good faith that the insured has provided every information in the proposal form correctly. If any important information, which affects the risk covered under the policy, is hidden or lied about, the principle of utmost good faith is breached. In such cases, the insurance contract becomes void and the insurance company has the right to reject the claim under the policy.

A group insurance policy is one in which a group of individuals are covered under the same plan. A single insurance policy is issued covering all the members of the group and the policy is called a master policy. Group insurance plans usually come with a term of one year after which they have to be renewed for continued coverage.

If the insurance policy is cancelled during the free-look period, the premium paid is refunded back. However, the premium refund would be deducted for the administrative expenses incurred by the insurance company in issuing the insurance policy. Moreover, the insurance cost would also be deducted for the period the policy was in force before it was cancelled.

Yes, insurance policies allow a free-look period for cancellation of the policy after it has been bought. The period depends on the type of policy bought and the insurance company.

Yes, life and health insurance plans provide tax benefits. These benefits are explained below

Life insurance plans -
  • Premiums paid for life insurance policies qualify for tax deduction under Section 80C upto a limit of INR 1.5 lakhs
  • Surrender benefit, maturity benefit or death benefit received under life insurance plans are tax-free under Section 10 (10D)
  • 1/3rd of the pension corpus which is withdrawn in cash is tax-free under Section 10 (10A)
Health insurance plans -
  • Premiums paid for a health insurance plan for self, spouse and dependent children is allowed as a tax deduction under Section 80D. The limit is INR 25, 000. If you are a senior citizen, the limit increases to INR 50, 000
  • Premiums paid for health insurance plan for dependent parents earns an additional tax deduction under Section 80D. This limit is also INR 25, 000 which increases to INR 50, 000 if the parents are senior citizens.

Renewal of an insurance policy should be done within the policy expiry date (also called the policy due date). If it is done within the due date, the policy continues without a break in coverage.

Yes, insurance claims can be rejected due to various reasons. Some common ones include the following -
  • If the claim is for an instance which is excluded under the plan’s coverage
  • If the claim process is not properly followed
  • If the claim is made in a policy which is lapsed
  • If the claim related documents are not submitted to the insurance compan

Life insurance plans cover the risk of dying too early. Health insurance plans, on the other hand, cover the risk of medical contingencies. While life insurance plans pay a benefit in case of death or maturity, health insurance plans pay a benefit if the insured suffers a medical contingency which is covered by the plan.

Premium is the cost of insurance. It is the money which you undertake to pay to the insurance company in return for the coverage which the company provides.

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